What We Offer

At Southern Districts Sports Physiotherapy highly trained and caring physiotherapists specialise in the assessment, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. Our physiotherapists take the time in the initial consultation to fully examine you, identify the injury, and provide you with a personalised prognosis and recovery plan. We can help you take a proactive approach to your health care and give you treatment that is convenient as well as highly effective.

A High Quality Physiotherapy Service

Our service is high quality and provides the latest evidenced based Physiotherapy strategies that will help you improve your exercise program. We provide 'Hands-on' techniques including massage, mobilization and rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy Treatment May Include...

 * Manual therapy for soft tissues including massage therapy, stretches
 * Manual therapy for joints including mobilizations and manipulations
 * Dry needling for trigger points and pain relief
 * Ergonomic assessment & posture correction
 * State of the art real time ultrasound assessment of muscle function for low back pain
    and lumbo-pelvic stability
 * Running technique assessment
 * Muscle stretching
 * Muscle strengthening / conditioning
 * Core stability training & Swiss ball exercises
 * Proprioceptive / balance exercises
 * Sports strapping, taping and bracing
 * Graduated & progressive return to sport rehabilitation programs
 * Trigger point therapy
 * Electrotherapy treatment such as ultrasound, TENS, EMS and interferential therapy
 * Therapeutic exercise prescription
 * Taping for pain relief and injury prevention
 * Gait analysis
 * Post-operative rehabilitation
 * Injury rehabilitation
 * Surface EMG biofeedback for monitoring muscle activity