Workers Compensation Patients

If you have injured yourself at work and wish to claim your treatment under a Workers Compensation Claim you will require a referral from your treating doctor or specialist.

It is important that you have discussed your injury with your employer prior to attending the clinic and lodged the appropriate forms with the employers Workers Compensation Insurer. Once these forms are lodged with the insurer you are issued with a claim number. We will need to confirm your details by phone with the insurer before we can process the account.

Southern Districts Sports Physiotherapy

Have the details of your Workers Compensation Claim organised 

If we are unable to do this prior to the time of your treatment, then you will need to pay for the consultation as a private patient until such time that we can confirm your claim has been accepted. You will then need to claim reimbursement directly from your insurer.

To help make this process more efficient, we encourage all Workers Compensation claimants to provide details of their claim prior to coming in for their first treatment.